17 Capita Micro Scope

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This listing is for a 2017 Capita Micro Scope.  The Micro-Scope is the perfect board fro kids getting their first experiences in the snowboarding game.  It features a unique convex shape with edges that are raised off the snow, so smaller riders (and their parents)  won't have to worry about the catching an edge- keeping kids stoked and progressing for years to come.  the construction makes for a lightweight and durable board, allowing kids to play on fun stuff like park jumps, bumps, boxes, and any freestyle terrain.  Snappy, soft, and designed with a slight reverse camber shape, they're everything you've come to expect from capita in a simplified, scaled-down version.  Featuring zero camber between the feet and reverse camber from the outside of the binding to the tip and tail make this an easy to ride kids board that won't break the bank and isn't made in China!!