Rentals/ Demo

Please consider purchasing your lift passes in advance.  They do sell out some weekends and most holiday weekends.  Our rentals are non-refundable.  Security deposits are refunded at the time that the gear is returned.  Please see below for more information about deposits.  Multi day available with no daily gear return.  Please scroll below to see our other items for rent. Save time and print your rental paperwork at home! Click Here!!

Basic Demo Board Package

 Boards from Arbor, Never Summer, and Nitro.  Union Flite Pro or Bent Metal Bindings, 32 or Nitro Boots


$40 w/o boots

$35 Boot Only

Our Basic Demo boards require a $250 refundable security deposit.  Boot only requires a $100 security deposit.



Premium Demo Board Package

Boards from Lib Technology, Gnu, Never Summer, Capita and more!


$55 w/o Boots

Our Premium Demo Boards require a $450 refundable security deposit.

23/24 New Additions to the Premium Demo Boards

154 Capita DOA, 155 Gnu Headspace, 157 Lib Tech Travis Rice

Womens Demo Board Package

We are 50% woman owned and we have an amazing selection of Womens specific Demo Boards from Lib Technology, Gnu, Never Summer, Capita, and Arbor.  All with Union Bindings, 32 and Nitro Boots.


$40 w/o Boots

$35 Boot Only

Our Womens Demo boards require a $250 refundable security deposit.  Boot only security deposit $100

23/24 New additions! 141 and 144 Capita Birds of a feather, 148 Never Summer Protosynthesis, and more!

Youth Demo Board Package

Boards from Capita, Lib Technologies, Gnu, and Never Summer, Union Bindings, 32 Boots


$35 w/o Boots

$35 Boot Only

Our Youth Demo boards require a $250 refundable security deposit.  Boot only security deposit $100

Premium Seasonal Rental Now Available!!

Many of you have asked for a premium seasonal rental that is superiour to the basic "learn to ride" package typically offered.  We will have a brand new program offering a limited number of premium rental boards from brands like Gnu, Nitro, and others featuring premium bindings from Union and 32 boots.  Seasonal rental rates are $450 to $600 depending on the gear with a refundable cash deposit.  Please call/text 828-254-9007 for more information.

Pants- $20

Jackets- $20

We are excited to offer brand new jackets/ pants from 686 outerwear for the whole family.  Combination deals available- Jacket/ Pant $35

Helmets- $10

Goggles- $20

We offer our Flipside Goggles available for rental/demo.  We have 4 different styles and numerous lens options available including a photochromic lens that adapts to changing conditions.

Pants, Jackets, Helmets, and Goggles can require a $50 security deposit if not rented with a snowboard.

**We accept security deposits with Debit, Credit or Cash.  Our deposit is a "hard pull" off your available credit (meaning those funds will not be available to you towards other purchases) and will show as "pending" until the rental is returned undamaged.  Please note that sometimes the security deposit will still show "pending" on your online banking statement for 24-48 hours depending on your bank.  We can provide you with a release number but once it is released on our end- your issuing bank can choose to retain that authorization at their discretion.  We CAN NOT control that.  Credit cards seem to drop the "pending" authorization either immediately or after they close for settlement at midnight.  Debit cards can sometimes be more complicated as again, it is us to your issuing bank to release the "pending" authorization according to their schedule (typically 24-48 hours).  If planning on using debit, please check with your bank prior to your visit to ensure there are no surprises during your stay.  Cash deposits are returned as cash immediately upon undamaged gear return.  The replacement value of the equipment you rent exceeds (is more than) the security deposit.  If any gear is lost, stolen, or returned with extreme damage you will be liable for the full replacement value of the rented item (the security deposit+ remaining replacement value). Please see our rental agreement for more information.  Please have your ID and CC/DC ready at time of rental.

Save time and Download the Flipside Rental Document

Snowboards get stolen from resorts every day across the country and unfortunately Cataloochee is no exception.  You must keep your rental equipment with you at all times.  Please do not leave it outside the lodge, on the ski racks, or any other area unattended.  We try to provide locks when necessary, but consider purchasing a $15-20 snowboard lock from us to ensure you have no issues if you need to leave the boards while you go into the lodge.  We offer pocket sized retractable cable locks with combinations of your choice that can be reused for many purposes other than snowboards.  People often don't consider that the replacement value of the snowboard and binding alone can be several hundred dollars.  We hope to help facilitate an amazing rental experience for your awesome time at Cataloochee Ski Area.

Typically our rentals are first come, first served.  We attempt to honor repeat customers reservations most weekends when possible.